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Ballet Dance 


Ballet is the foundation of all dance. Body placement, flexibility, balance, alignment, strength and technique are achieved through barre and center floor work. Emphasis on understanding correct body placement and proper use of turn out of the legs while introducing musicality and expression of the body is a main focus of this class.


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"So you think you can dance!" Well, most of the people who love dancing have a few moves up their sleeves almost all the time, which they usually get the chance to show off at parties. However, it is one thing being in love with dancing – being a professional dancer is a completely different ball game.


We are a New York dance studio, and we can help you polish your dancing skills so that you can spin heads around when you start flashing those moves. If you have got some moves, which you have probably learned watching TV shows dedicated to dancing. And if you are serious about your dancing or want to be a pro, our dance school in New York is the perfect place for you to develop yourself into one of the hottest dancing properties in the area and beyond.


Whether you are looking for contemporary dance lessons or a hip-hop dance studio in NYC – you now know where you should be heading. We also do jazz and ballet classes in Forest Hills and the surrounding areas. We are the best dance studio for kids, toddlers, boys, girls, beginners, and adults. 


All our instructors are huge dance enthusiasts themselves. So you can expect them to help you develop those moves that you thought you never would. They have performed and taught across the country. We have different instructors for different dance forms, and we do private dance classes as well. So, if you aren’t comfortable learning dance in front or other people or want the instructor to focus all their energies on you, our private dance classes in New York give you that option. 

We help in developing performers of every skill level. Our objective is to bring them to a stage where they have always dreamed of. Be it any dance form – if you want to conquer it you need to improve body coordination, flexibility, build poise and improve muscle strength. This is what our instructors help you with. They focus on these details as they are the primary requirement of learning any dance form.

Self-confidence is the key to develop your dancing capabilities. We offer the best dance classes for beginners. While they have all the heart needed for learning dance, they lack a bit of self-confidence. Our role here is to not only make them learn dance moves at the pace they want but also build confidence in them so that they can perform at the most prominent stage without wilting, whenever they get the opportunity.