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**Tuition is figured out for the dance year, September-June, and divided by the number of months to find a monthly average.  May 1st is the last time that we charge automatically for the session, June is not charged at all.  The holidays on our schedule are taken out of the equation so there are no make-ups required for those and no money lost.  This helps families know exactly what price to expect on the first of the month when the charge goes through.  For example, there are months with 5 Sundays and some with 3 or we don't want the price fluctuating on our end or on your end! It is more beneficial to those that join in the beginning of the session because of how the months are structured, but we would need to increase tuition fees if we needed to put in the administration time to individualize payment systems for individual families. Doing tuition on a monthly basis allows us to give our families more flexibility and frees them from the anxiety of having to pay for a semester in full at time of registration.


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