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Print out the schedule and highlight their class.



Special Instructions for the day of the Recital Sunday June 4th:

  • If their 1st or only class is in the 2nd half of the show, check them into the balcony so they can watch their friends dance in the first half.  


  • If their 1st or only class is in the 1st half of the show, check them into the greenroom so they can get ready to perform.  


  • If they are in both the 1st and 2nd half, then they should be checked into the greenroom and remain there for the entire show so they don’t miss their performance. Highlighting will also help students with multiple classes stay organized.


  • Check-in is 30 minutes before show start time.  You will receive a ticket with your dancer's name (for ages 3-9), you will need this to pick your child up after the show. 


  • Please label all of your child's items: snack, water, shoes (on the inside) and costume. Send them with a dance bag to contain it all.  We are not held responsible for lost items.  Having this prepared the night before will help reduce stress and help you not forget anything. No food is allowed in the lobby or theater.  Bottled water is allowed.


  • Students 5 years of age and older need to stay for the entire show.  This shows respect for the hard work and dedication that they and their fellow dancers have put in all year.  We ask that the adults show this same respect.  No getting up and down out of your seats while there are dancers on stage. (No one is available in between dances to dismiss your child after their dance).


  • If your child is in a 3-4 year old class, they are more than welcome to stay with us for the entire show.  They will be allowed to sit with you in the audience, if it would make you feel more comfortable, during the half of the show that they are not performing in.  Keep in mind that they will need a ticket to enter the audience.  At intermission, you can pick up or check-in your young dancer depending on their performance schedule.  


  • No students will be released to guardians at any time other than intermission for 3-4 year olds or after the finale for all other students.  This is for the safety and organization of all performing.


  • 3-4 year olds will not be dancing in the finale performance, but will come on stage to take a bow with us at the end!  Everyone in the show should stay to be in the Finale!


  • For security purposes, we will have staff to check-out your child from the greenroom once the show is over.  Please be patient during this transition.  Allow for the parents of little ones to pick them up first.  ONLY ONE FAMILY MEMBER IS ALLOWED TO PICK UP AND MUST EXIT THROUGH THE BACK DOOR LEADING INTO THE PARKING LOT.  This helps keep the flow of families moving one way.  Please arrange a meeting point for the rest of your family and friends to meet you and take pictures with your awesome performer outside of the theater. We are having them get their trophy in class the week after the recital to help smooth out this process.

  • Please be kind to our volunteers and staff...they are just following procedures to keep your children safe and to keep the flow of the show going.  They really are there to help and we appreciate them for it!! 


  • One DVD (per family) is included in your recital fee. If your child is in both of the afternoon shows, we will give you the 12:30pm show unless you email us before Memorial Day Weekend to let us know you prefer the 4:30pm show. If you would like additional DVDs or additional shows, they can be ordered at:

Yes!! We do have class June 5th-June 11th!  

Your dancers will receive their trophy in class :)

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