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Delve Into The History Of Jazz Dance And Explore This Amazing Art Form

Images of splayed fingers, black-stockinged legs, and tilted hats of the Chicago cast flood our minds when we think of jazz dance. Having its roots deeply embedded in African-American communities of New Orleans during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, jazz dance has now become a major form of musical expression. Being merged in the form of popular as well as the traditional musical styles, jazz is an independent dance form, having a musical parentage of the African-American and European-American bonds. Swing, blue notes, improvisation, and polyrhythms, forming the characterization of jazz, this form of dance is widely popular among masses all across the globe, giving rise to a plethora of distinctive styles. Given its rich history, it is no-brainer that the jazz and hip hop dance classes are rising up the popularity curve.

With a myriad of dance aficionados, both beginners and professionals are now showing great interests in enrolling in the hip hop and contemporary dance classes in New York City. The experimental and free form of jazz dance makes it as fluid as the exuberant jazz music. With the multitude of dance institutes in New York, it is only natural to feel inundated while choosing the best class, for almost all the institutes are good in some particular form of dance but don’t offer a good all-round experience. This is where All Star Studios come into play by providing the best teaching experience to all its students in almost dancing spheres that range from Ballet to Jazz to Contemporary dance forms under one roof. To give your dance training an edge over others, it is recommended to join a high-energy class that incorporates multiple dance elements. All Star Studios, in the New York City, gives the students an opportunity to develop their own sense of style.

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