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Dance Your Way To Relaxation

Dance is not only a beautiful form of art but also an excellent way to burn some calories. Many among you may even consider dancing to be your passion and that is awesome! Honestly, we cannot think of a better way to relax while staying fit. It also acts as an amazing stress buster. So the next time you feel really stressed out, just dance your worries away, literally! There are different dance forms to choose from. Hip Hop and Ballet are two of the most popular dance forms. While Hip Hop is a high energy dance form, Ballet is considered to be the foundation of dance. Those who have recently discovered their love for dancing may go for either of the two or both. If you are looking to join a Ballet or Hip Hop class in Forest Hills, give All Star Studios a visit.

Ballet as a Dance Form

  • Ballet, apart from making you look like the epitome of grace while you are at it, also has various health benefits. It is so much more than slipping into tights and putting on Ballet shoes. It teaches you perseverance and dedication.

  • It helps you reach perfect postural alignment. So, if you are looking to correct your posture, consider joining a Ballet class and you get to learn a new dance form. It is a win-win situation.

  • If you put your heart into something, nothing will remain unachievable! Start off by setting achievable goals and trust us, when you perfect a position that intimidated you earlier, you will feel super amazing about yourself.

  • Contrary to what many believe, you need not have a super flexible body to start Ballet. You achieve that with practice. Ballet involves both, dynamic as well as static stretching, which helps you gain the much-desired flexibility.

  • Precise Ballet movements like Ballet jumps, plie squats or spins help you improve your motor skills. Needless to say, it is a good way to burn those extra calories.

Folks who are located in Queens, NYC, join All-Star Studios’ Ballet class in Forest Hills. They ensure that you have fun and at the same time work on improving your coordination and flexibility.

Hip Hop as A Dance Form

  • Influenced by elements of poppin’ and locking as well as freestyle, Hip Hop is a lot about self-expression and developing body coordination. It draws from popular culture and is an energy-packed dance form. It is equally enjoyable for both experienced dancers, as well as beginners.

  • Hip Hop requires you to keep moving for about an hour. In other words, it increases your heart rate which generates a requirement for additional oxygen by your body. This ultimately helps you burn fat.

  • As a high energy dance form, Hip Hop is a great stress-relieving activity. It gives you just the right kind of energy boost.

All-Star Studios located in NYC, specializes in providing Ballet class in Forest Hills as well as Hip Hop class in Forest Hills among other dance forms. Choose them and rest assured, you are in great hands!

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