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Discovering the world of contemporary dance

Being one of the most expressive forms of dance, the contemporary dance style abandons the rigid, contemporary dance centered aspect of classical styles. Encompassing bits and pieces from jazz, ballet, and modern dance, it smoothly incorporates the unconventional movements from these styles. Known for its versatility, it is utilized in a whole myriad of performance mediums all around the globe.

Key elements of contemporary dance style The New York dance studios lay an extensive emphasis on the movement rather than being narrative, showing its abstract nature. Being a very unpredictable form of dancing style, the trainers that teach contemporary dance lessons often mix and match a multitude of contrasting postures, rhythms, and directions. While making your moves, one of the most crucial parts is to breathe. The performers are constantly instructed to use breathing as the central part of all their dancing moves. Being a completely non-standard movement, you have the liberty to be as creative as you can and make your own personal style since contemporary dance vocabulary is still very flexible.

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